We cannot escape the rising violence; Therefore, we must find alternative ways to protect ourselves




P1 Protection Services is the industry leader in security consulting services with a longstanding and decorated history of tailored portal to portal protection. Whether that entails low visibility operators, transportation services, protective surveillance, discreet over-watch, or any combination thereof. P1 Protection leverages our comprehensive understanding of threat/targeting vectors to create the most comprehensive safety plan for you and your clients. P1 Protection operatives have executed assignments all over the world, and in some of the most dangerous conditions.


P1 Protection has provided services to a wide range of clients including  Justices, Judges, Lawyers, Witnesses, Defendants, Level 1 Targets, Professional Sports Teams, Fortune 500 Companies, Corporate Executives, Politicians, Celebrities & other High-Profile Individuals. We have also implemented the safety strategies for some of the world's most recognizable events. P1 Protection, was the lead security team and ONLY credentialed private firm approved to operate within the secured area of the Hennepin County Government Center during State of MN vs. Derek Chauvin trial.